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Bio Industry, Lab-based meat - a revolution is taking place in the livestock industry.

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Alternative meat is being developed, and among them, soybean meat has been on the market for a long time (it appeared in the 1980s) and now it is marketed with more advanced technology to make meat flavor. For example, Beyond Meat, Burger King’s Impossible Burger, etc. Currently, chicken breast is also made from soybeans.

What I am introducing today is “Cellular agriculture” –Cell-cultured meat produced in the Lab (all kinds of meat – beef, chicken, seafood, etc ). The method involves extracting stem cells from live, non-slaughtered livestock and culturing them in a nutrient-rich environment until the desired shape and shape of meat is obtained. The first lab-grown burger made from tissue culture in a university lab in the Netherlands spent a research fund of $1.2 million per pound in 2013. Then, in 2019, the meat was made in Israel lab for $100 per pound, and later in US companies' labs for $50. US companies plan to bring it to market as a form of ground meat and chicken nuggets. The US government is also moving fast - FDA is establishing regulatory rules.

The global demand for meat continues to grow (as the population increases and life gets better), but the livestock supply will decrease due to climate change, shortages in the region, disease, etc. Experts agree that lab meat could be a game changer in the global market if the meat from this lab is so similar to normal meat and the price is low.

Also, from the environmental point of view, we are all aware of the negative impacts of livestock farming on the environment. Typical examples are the water footprints, Carbon gas emissions, and deforestation of the jungle. For example, fires in the Amazon jungle have been linked to the government’s promotion of livestock farming. It is being burned and turned into a savannah for a livestock area and their prey beans. The new lab-based meat doesn't harm the environment.

Experts predict that by 2050, lab-based meat will supply 50% of global meat demand. And whether we agree or not experts predict that by the end of the 21st century, the world’s population will be supplied with factory-produced lab-based meat and the current livestock industry will disappear.


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