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STEM Afterschool Program



To respond to the rapid change in the industrial structure, the government provides STEM education to more children in the nation to help them gain future science and tech skills.

However, the reality is that STEM is delivered unequally among children. Many children in low-income communities still do not have access to STEM.

Objectives and Outcomes:

The organization aims to increase awareness of STEM education's importance and access to STEM education among children in the community where poverty prevails.


The outcome we expect to have is making STEM education becomes a demand-driven program, and we deliver the program to meet this demand in the communities.

Core Goals:

  • Reducing barriers to STEM education among children in low-income communities

  • Promoting STEM and community engagement      

  • Filling the gap in school STEM education

What we offer:

We support children (K-5) in low-income families to obtain math, science, and computer/tech skills needed for future high-paying jobs. 

In partnership with DC public library (DCPL), we provide free STEM afterschool programs to children in Ward 8, D.C communities. 

During the STEM program, children learn video editing, coding and participate in robotic activities. Dr. Lan Joo (C.E.O.) provides one-on-one in-depth math intervention programs to STEM kids as a follow-up lesson.


In addition, children receive free meal services during the STEM afterschool program.

What we have accomplished:

  • Reduced barriers to STEM education by providing free STEM educational services

  • Promoted STEM and community engagement by increasing community awareness of the meaning and importance of STEM education

  • Improved children's participation by providing fun activities using hands-on supplies

  • Filled the gap in school STEM education by providing STEM supplies, such as coding, electronic, and solar robots, and teaching tech skills using computer devices

Expansion of STEM Afterschool program:

Dr. Joo, Founder and C.E.O., envisions the STEM afterschool program to be community-based informal STEM education. C.H.C. contracted with D.C. public libraries (DCPL) and will provide the program in other DC public libraries as well as public libraries in other regions to reach out to children so that all children will have access to their STEM learning opportunities. 

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