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Suzanne Guiragoss

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Suzanne Guiragoss first became passionate about counseling as she taught students in her former position as an Educator in Washington DC. During this
earlier career, she gained extensive insights into humanistic-variables which sometimes emerge during life’s more complex experiences. Through her continued devotion to these ideals, she helped her students to fulfill their own career aspirations through consistent, individualized planning and resource recommendations. Today, she is still fulfilling her desire to help individuals to self-actualize their dreams through her eclectic counseling techniques, emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
Suzanne’s passion for counseling was evident early on while attending the College of Art and Sciences where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Using this background as a way to become action-oriented, she began volunteering as a counselor for North Region Alcoholic Services in Fullerton, California. It was there that she was able to utilize her people skills and psychology background to positively impact the lives of individuals struggling with alcohol addiction.
One main reason that Suzanne is so compassionate and understanding with her current counseling assignment is because she has also worked in several other employment positions that provide her with a deeper understanding of the diversity of the human character. She has worked in sales positions and customer service, which helped her to observe the personality and cultural differences of a large population of people. At the same time, Suzanne has served as a Placement Counselor at American Rehab in Orange County, California. With these endeavors, she helped individuals to better recognize their own talents, while connecting them to move forward towards more promising careers. Additional past experiences that assist Suzanne with her deep comprehension of the human experience, has been through sales consulting services. Suzanne has set high ideals for her continued passion to help others which is evident through her graduation from Grand Canyon University with a Master of Science Degree in Professional Counseling from and has obtained a Resident in Counseling license.

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